iphoneography. tour de parks


So. You may or may not know this, but I have waited 3 years to go biking. Well — you know, there was the 2 summers of pregnancies and then the 3rd summer with too-little-of-a-baby-to-bike-with. So FINALLY this year I have brought the kids out on the burley ride.

The first adventure a couple weeks ago I may have overestimated my abilities. A park adventure turned into a let’s try to make it to the library adventure. Turned into poopy diaper no diaper bag with us. Turned into oh my word how will I make it all the way back?!

Well. I had 3 hours of a GORGEOUS afternoon today. So I decided to ask Ethan if he wanted to try lots and lots of new parks? I knew there were three nearby I could bike too, but I wondered if there were any more. A quick glance at the maps said there are a TON in our area. So we headed off (this time, with an extra diaper in tow).

Park 1 = our staple neighborhood one I can get to in under two minutes with the kids!!


After about 10minutes Evy walked over to the burley by herself and signed “please” so I called to Ethan to hop back in and keep going! On our way to the next park — the kids were in their element. Laughing and playing. They do this constantly together in the burley and I FINALLY got it on video!! (i figured if I can ski in the mountains and video, I should be able to manage this for a quick minute!)

Park 2 was another good play spot! We pulled out our snack and water too. Also. This conversation happened

“Ethan buddy, Please don’t drop the wrapper on the ground. Otherwise birds may eat it and die.”

“Like Jesus died on the cross”

Wait. What? What did you just say?

“The birds would die. Like Jesus died on the cross. Because he loves everyone”. 

Wow buddy. Yes. You are right.


So after THAT moment (seeds you guys. It really is just small seeds! Still processing this whole thing….)…..

We moved on to park 3. Now THIS one was buried waaaaayyyy deeper in another neighborhood that I had to stop 3 times and look at the map! Definitely got lost. But we finally made it. To a different park than I meant to go to. But my legs were shot. (So shhhhhh don’t tell the kids).


The ride home wasn’t nearly has joyful. (we were a full three hours later by this point!) And in fact by the time we got back to our neighborhood I figured them walking was probably better. So we moved on over to the side walk and just let them head home….


It was probably a hidden holy moment….because of their slow pace, I was able to meet some new neighbors with kids the same age and they actually all played together outside! So many good things.

So. Biking. LETS DO THIS!!!