everyday. firefighters for an hour

Armed with some free library passes, we ventured over to the city to visit the firefighters museum! Yes, this is a real thing. No I had never heard of it before. But the lights and “pretend driving” was a huge hit with the kiddos. Especially Evy. Ethan was low energy just starting to recover from illness, but Evy was in LOVE. We had to drag that girl off of the trucks she was having such a great time.

IMG_6830 IMG_6836 IMG_6837 IMG_6843 IMG_6849 copy IMG_6852 copy IMG_6854 IMG_6861 copy IMG_6862 IMG_6866 copy IMG_6875 IMG_6879 copy IMG_6889 IMG_6896 IMG_6881

A few quick video snipits of our visit. UM you guys WATCH Ethan MATCH the driving of the simulator. It’s just a screen, it’s not moving the wheel at all. HIS BRAIN can do that. Automatically. He even straightens out the wheel. We did not teach him. I promise we didn’t prompt him. And it was consistent. (Matt, what would you say? He did this for 10minutes? Longer? I lost tract). Man this kid has some very specific innate skills. Anyway. Evy — oh girl. I can’t even.