he said. “a soldier”


(reading bedtime books with ethan……)

“OK ethan. As you see, there are LOTS of different jobs when you get older! When you are bigger and bigger and 20 years old, you get to have a job all by yourself! When you grow up I want you to be kind and love people because Jesus loves everyone. But you can do that in most jobs so you can pick any job! Let’s just say right now, you got to pick what you do when you are 20 years old. What would you do?”

“One of the boy ones?”

Oh. The person who drew these pictures had to pick a boy or a girl. But all of these you could do as a job. Doesn’t matter if a boy or girl is in the picture.

“Hmm. A soldier”.

What? Why?

“Because they help keep people safe”.

Ethan. That is. I don’t even know what to say. That is wonderful. You are very thoughtful. How about when you are 30 years old? What do you want to do for your job?

“A pilot. Because I like airplanes”.

That’s fair. How about when you are 40 years old?

“A farmer. Because I like food and farmers markets.”

So practical. Yes. I’m ALL FOR YOU kid. You are amazing.

Can I ask you about you wanting to be a soldier. Why again do you want to be a soldier?

“Because. Because they help people. help people be safe”.

I noticed you think of others a lot. I love you buddy.

“I love you mommy”.