dear daughter. thirteen/fourteen months old


Dear Evy,

Happy 14th-month birthday! I completely forgot to write to you last month, so we’ll combine these months together.

Let’s talk. You are a little spitfire in the best way possible. You also can be very tender, cuddly, and gentle. But let’s be honest. You show your insistence and persistence in many ways. You pull at the things you want (although you have slowly replaced your scream with signing “please!!”). You push away Ethan if he’s in your space, or if you want his attention you simple sit right where he’s sitting or tackle him or hug him.

Your hair is honest-to-goodness turning strawberry blond. In fact the orange streaks in your hair are become more pronounced! Your eyes are still very blue. You fit into 18month clothes and wear size 4 shoe.

You still have sleep mastered and generally sleep 630pm-630am without any problem. You are able to go to bed as late as 8pm if we need you to and you are actually pretty flexible with us. You are still at one nap a day, and take it at the same time as Ethan around noon for 1-2hours.

You are a VERY good eater other than you have started to become selective in what food you eat. Your favorite food hands down is yogurt and bananas and raisins. Noodles of course is a hit with you, and so are Popsicles and any fruit. We understand you have your preferences and respect that. But we don’t cater to your preferences at this age and we don’t waste food and time. So, if you throw or refuse what we made our family for dinner, we take you out of the chair and you lay on the ground crying. After a few minutes we try the same food again – and back out — and again — and then out — until you accept we will not provide you with another food option. It takes a lot of patience on our part (and a dinner filled with a lot of crying), but you do eventually eat.

The outdoors are your happy place and you also love the burley bike rides! You stroller very well even though you prefer to walk.

You LOVE to read. LOVE LOVE. I counted. We read 15 books in the chair before bed. You LOVE most books, but especially if they have animals in it! You have most animal sounds down (spitting for camel, fish face, elephant with the raised arm, and then all the typical farm animals too). You JUST started to say mama this month!!! You had been saying Ethan the longest, and then daddy, and a few weeks ago you walked over to say mama! Other than names and animal sounds, you say book, ball, water (wawa), thank you (da-du), no (naawww!) and food.

There are so many fun things about you little one and we are so excited to keep watching you grow and become the person God created you to be. The fact that we were given front row seats to your story is simply amazing and a divine gift. We adore you little girl. We love you.

Love, daddy and mama