everyday. tire-swing (frozen in motion)

I am TOTALLY stoked for this post.

As my go-to, I tend to take photos “wide open”. Meaning the most narrow focus point my lens will allow (usually this is fstop 1.4). This gives me a wicked-fast shutter (somewhere around 1/3000th of a second) which then gives me that “frozen” action feel. I exclusively shot in prime lenses (a set 35mm is my go to lens with all my lifestyle photography) which also gives me that wide angle action appeal.


And I still LOVE capturing this moment “frozen” in time. However — on this day, his joy was so insane and he was going SO FAST and SO HIGH and in such a tight circle, when I looked at the image, I felt like something was missing.


Something just lacked on those photos. How could I make it more true to the moment?


THERE it is. So much better. A quick adjustment and a change in my technique created it exactly as I saw it in my mind! (and honestly a better representation of what the moment’s emotion felt like!). I forced my shutterspeed to be lower by cranking up the fstop all the way to 22 which then lowered my shutter to 1/40 (meaning 40th of a second). When I pushed the shutter down for the photo, and heard the cla-click slowly  — I continued to actually move my camera at the same speed of Ethan keeping him in my focus, that way HE didn’t blur, but rather all the background around him did.

IMG_6479 copy

IMG_6467 IMG_6475 IMG_6488 IMG_6491

The effect was super fun. And impressive. And I will probably look for a bunch of other ways to make this work for me this summer!! And yes, if these are making you a wee-bit dizzy, it was because we were spinning that kid like he was a full-fledged teenager on that swing. It was crazy.

IMG_6499 copy IMG_6506 IMG_6510 copy IMG_6513 IMG_6519