everyday. lets go down to the ravine

OK. Ravine may not be dictionary-correct. But LOOK how steep it is!!


OK. So the photo doesn’t really do it justice, but believe me when I say it’s steep.

Anyway. At the back of our property there is large common area that is completely wooded. As in usually-too-wooded-to-even-get-a-ball-down-there-wooded. Ethan discovered last week (on one of my mamadays) that he is now old enough and brave enough to venture down there by himself. (the lack of snow so early in the season really helped him out).

Needless to say I wasn’t thrilled with this new advancement (since who knows what’s down there?!? We constantly see multiple families of deer. Fox. Opossum. Birds who dive-bomb (probably right at small children). Very aggressive yard-squirrels. Add on some coyote howls and it was enough for my brain to say I should probably go with him).

So I picked up the babe. Hollered for E to wait up, and went down into the ravine (da-da-daaahhhh).


CLaaa-leeeerly if you know anything about me this was a dream come true. I obviously LOVE going into unknown wooded areas without another adult with possible wild animals who live there (did I mention howling coyotes?!?).

I had to traverse a cliff-drop-off holding a whiny one-year-old to get down to the ravine where almost certain death awaited us all.

I never exaggerate. Ever. Wouldn’t think of it.

But we got down there alive.

Wow. (and I’m really not sure why my camera kept picking up a purple hue in the photos, but it must have been the way the sun was coming off the mud. Or some unknown ravine-chemical-plant-in-the-mud that will now infect us all. Let’s not think too hard about this…..)

Ethan was on cloud nine. He trepstd through that mud like a BOSS. And I (totally calm) watched him go abousts the area.

IMG_6299IMG_6307 IMG_6314

We were all (relatively) content for 45 minutes! The warm day created a wonderful opportunity for us to relax and learn about mud. And plants. And deer poop. And the possibility of deer ticks (um, is there a season for those little things or should we still check? I should look that up). Evidently, Evy got cold. And then got MORE whiny. But Ethan was completely unaffected.IMG_6320 copy IMG_6330 copy

And then about five seconds after this photo, 7 large animals ran behind us out of the corner of my eye. I thought we were all going to be eaten alive — but it was just a group of seven deer. Granted we were trespassing on their homeland (most likely), but LORDE I thought deer were supposed to be scared of humans? Evidently they had accommodated because they were WAY to close to us. Anyway. My freak out (in assuming a grizzly was going to attack us all in what I was totally living up as yellowstone), totally freaked me out — so we slowly headed back up the cliff.


I think we’ll try to keep a trail cleared out during the spring so we can keep venturing down there for some fun. Because this adventure was pretty amazing for the kids. And ok. it was pretty fun for me to experience too. (But maybe check up on us that we didn’t pass out from lymes-disease-purple-mud-syndrome later this week. I don’t remember all the symptoms so I assume a 72hour window is a good place to start).