everyday. mamaday

My “mama-mondays” are very special to me. As much as I love to work and feel gifted in my career, my kids are at a sweet age to be home with them on my mamadays. This week was no exception — but it was extra special because the 60 degrees allowed us to be outside for almost the entire day. While this may not seem very ground-breaking, when the 1 and 3 year-old are not confined to dumping out buckets of legs and instead and yell and run and jump, it makes a WORLD of difference!

We did the outside zoo (first time this year!) which was awesome. And Evy was able to walk some of it for the first time!! The tigers were both out (which terrified Evy, but Ethan loved it!) and created an amazing encounter.

image image image image

Then after nap, we met up with our dear friends Michelle, Nene, and Levi! First of all, look how happy we are. It’s true. I love her.


The toddlers did really well — and here’s the thing, as they continue to grow, it’s pretty obvious they have some distinct similarities in their personalities…..all three of them are strong, sassy, and a wee-bit spicy. Oh yes. The attitudes between them all are pretty equal. It can make for some dynamic moments.

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I love this. No words can express how much I loved these moments. I love showing the kids a world bigger than their homes. Showing them the river and the city. It’s a really sweet day when all of these collide. And somedays I can’t even believe how much I love life.

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