everyday. library love

Our library system in our county is amazing. One of a huge perks to our area. Yesterday during my mamaday I ventured out with the kids — goal to find some new Llama Llama books (um SO GOOD for toddlers!) and curious george. I loved watching Ethan rummage through all the books to find the ones he wanted. And he actually picked out great ones (book about the farmers market, airplanes, follow-the-trail tracing books)

image image

It was a success!!

Oh. Except for one thing.

Evy decided it was a great time to learn how to scream. While at the library. As in scream out of frustration if the book didn’t come off the shelf. Scream if she tripped on nothing. Scream if Ethan bumped her the teeniest-bit. Scream if I stopped her from taking books out of other people’s piles.

Oh lorde. Attitude girl…..


So we went home after about 10 minutes because. Well you know. Screaming at the library isn’t exactly the atmosphere they hope to create. But we DID get new books for bedtime! Win.