he said. a toddler’s interpretation of genesis

Listening to Ethan “read” books is really fascinating. And bless. Listening to him recall the Jesus Storybook Bible is really intriguing. Oh from the mouth of babes. He summarizes the genesis stories pretty well. The biggest feat? His acceptance that when the lie was said that Jesus didn’t love Adam and Eve, that the truth is, “Yes he does!” When I’ve been down, I rewatch this video clip. It reminds me the blessing of a childlike faith. Truth. Oh, and we got it on video. I wrote it out below if you wanted to follow along (since some of it is a little quiet to hear well).

“And God loves Ethan and Evelyn. And God gives life to everyone. And then there are lots of people

the bible.
There was nothing
Hello mountains. hello water. hello sun. hello moon. you are gooood.
Hello animals. hello birds. you are gooood.
Ethan Evelyn.
He pretended to be a snake. God doesn’t love you he said. Yes he does.
Don’t eat the fruit. but he did. he very sad. so he gave him clothes. something wear.
God told…make a big boat. So he made a biiiig boat. So put everyone in the boat. owls, elephants, different kinds. then it started to rain. then the rain stopped.
Make a big tower he says. no we can’t make a big tower.”
(to be continued….)






he said