everyday. detective

My mama genius during these VERY cold weeks stuck inside resulted in me reaching deep in my creative brain and thinking of new playtime activities.

(let me vent for a moment and just say I strongly believe kids should be able to play with very little “stuff” and shouldn’t need activities and events to just fill up time. But I acknowledge that my role as a mama is to facilitate learning and playing, but for REAL?!?. We try to frequently reuse and reassess and purge since clearly our kids focus on a few favorites. Case in point the playroom  shown below had toys everywhere from lots of playing, and even all the favorites, and we did it right by focusing on one thing at a time with a minimalist approach, or we’d throw it out the window and let him make a big mess of joy — and the difficult attitude just wasn’t changing and I was maxing out. This is why I love the cleaning and cooking and the everyday-moments with kids since it seems to restart them and give better purpose…..clearly I’m still processing this parenting balance….sooooo let’s refocus again on the story……)

“OK Ethan. You wait in the bathroom and I”ll come get you. I’m going to hide 6 balloons around the house and you are going to wear your cape and be a detective. Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to find and collect all of them in your basket. Are you ready?!?”. YES!! #mamaforthewin

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