everyday. capturing sleeptime

Sleep with young kids is rough. Ask anyone and they confirm that it’s a roller-coaster. Kids simply have different needs and routines for sleep than adults and it creates a rather large disconnect.

However. The process of getting kids to sleep can be either the worst-most-dreaded time of day, or it can be the sweetest-best-cuddliest time of day. It seems to toggle between the two.

Since I rarely get a chance to document our life while putting kids down, last weekend I decided to try.

The Evster. Both her noon nap and her bedtime are about the same routine. We rock in the rocker reading four books, and then we turn off the light and start singing. She tucks her face in our shoulder and wiggles her arms into our chest. She whines as we pace and sing, and finally after a minute or so, she arches towards the crib as her sign she is ready to go to sleep. She whimpers and cries for several minutes after we leave, but then she is down.

IMG_5139 IMG_5157 IMG_5160

The E-man. He also get to sit in the chair and read books. One book at naptime, and three books at bedtime (up to twelve depending on the situation). Then it’s a tuck in and leave for naptime, and bedtime includes stories in bed and songs as well. Ethan ALWAYS sleeps with his baby (which he has had for the last 2 years now) and his big red fleece blanket. We re-introduced the waterbottle in bed to eliminate the procrastination “one more water, one more water” technique.

IMG_5164 IMG_5170

For both kids it’s a blissful quiet when they are asleep. On my mamadays I nap too during this hour. Sometimes I blog or edit photos. I NEVER clean (why risk the noise ruining it?!?), plus laundry and cleaning will continue for the next 60 years so I chose to wait. With a nursing infant without a routine, naptime and bedtime were so much more overwhelming. Now that they have the complete same schedule, it is AMAZING. It does get better.