everyday. sledding, skating, and shoplifting

Oh you read that right. Today was quite the day.

Actually, it all starts from last night. We invested in some skates for Ethan and I so then we could go out anytime we want to our local outdoor rink. We tried them out right away and it was PERFECT. The soft fluffy snow. Evy just toddled around happy as a lark, and Ethan really started getting the hang of it!

image image image image image image

Back to today. With the holiday off of work and daycare, we decided to make a full family day of outdoor winter activities! We made plans with some amazing church friends who’s older boys are (quite literally) honorary big-brothers to our kids. Ethan adores them, and they are so kind and patient with him. Of course they knew right where the biggest and fastest hill (actually it was a double hill and was REALLY fast!) in our area and away we went!! Almost TWO HOURS. They did this. Sledding with big-kids is a full-body sport.

image image image

Then in the afternoon, we headed over to a second local rink with our friend David who did an hour of skating with us! It was a huge rink and Ethan was more and more confident. (and I ADORE my skates. It is a “soft boot” so think like a rollerblading boot, on ice. So comfy).

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And then for the evening. The part you all really wanted to know about.

I walked in the door from a quick run to the store with Ethan after dinner, and before we got our shoes off, he pulls a brand-new-chapstick from his coat pocket. And looks at me. With a sly smile. My jaw drops open, when did he grab that?!? We were there for like two seconds?! “UM buddy, we didn’t pay for that. That’s stealing. We need to make this right.”

So I immediately got right back into the car with him, drove back to the store, and we talked about stealing. (and have you tried to talk to a THREE year old about stealing?? So weird, too many words that don’t mean anything). I said something about not taking things that don’t belong to us, doing hard work to earn for money to buy things we need, we already have chapstick at home, it’s not loving to not consider others (um, do you see how SO MANY WORDS he doesn’t understand).

Here’s where it got good for him.

Walking into the store he knew he needed to give it back to the checkout person and say sorry for taking it. And I said, “We need to make this right because stealing is wrong. If we don’t return it, the police would need to come and take Ethan away as a consequence”. At that moment, a car drove into the lot and Ethan FREAKED out. “No no, I don’t want the police to take me away. No no.” (scared crying ensued and grasping my hands running into the store, and I proceeded to affirm that he was not being taken away from me) . He budged in line “I’m sorry” handing it to the clerk. We reset, waited our turn, and then handed it to her with an “I’m sorry for taking it”. She responded so kind, “Thank you for being honest“. And then Ethan gave me a hug saying he didn’t want the police to take him. (looking at the men that were in a normal car walk into the store, he said ‘oh they want to buy something’ and calmed down….which we then started talking about the function and job description of the police. AGAIN. Have you tried this with a three year old?!? It’s hilarious).


All in a day.