IF: Gathering

IFGathering (1)

Ladies. This weekend. Friday and Saturday. Two days. Online simulcast women’s conference. It welcomes all generations, all cultures, all denominations and churches. Tens of thousands of women across the world.

IF conference is based off of the question, “If God is real, then what?” This year is, we are focusing on what IF we lived like Jesus? what IF we loved like Jesus?

You can watch it on your couch. You can join a local gathering. Donate $1 (or more) and you get the link all weekend to watch it live or you can view the archived videos through Monday.

This is especially dear to my heart because these speakers and women have catapulted my faith. Jennie Allen, who wrote “Anything” and “Restless”, Jen Hatmaker and her sarcastic humor, Ann Voskamp who is a living poet, Christine Cain who preaches the roof off the house. They are preachers and teachers. Complete with interviews and racial reconciliation panels. Stories of pain and healing. These people are REAL WARRIORS. They are so very diverse and different, but they all love Jesus and love people.

So I will be watching this weekend from my couch in my comfy pants. And then in 3 weeks we are hosting a live event at our church, and I have the honor in leading worship (gloriously scary!) (oh and email me if you want the details to attend!). So I will be living this year’s conference twice. And so blessed.

Interested? Here is the link to sign up!! PLEASE do it. Oh my word. LOVE. (and let me know if you tune in because I will TOTALLY want to hear your thoughts!).