dear son. three and a half (our e and his hoodies)



Dear son, happy 3 1/2 years old!

Gifts = We have a glimpse of how were you made, what gifts come to you ::

  • Order/Routine/Sequencing (recipes, math/counting, understanding spelling and alphabet and tracing easily, cause-effect is a huge motivator and quickly grasped, also able to offer up “a deal” or logically alternative to a request)
  • Music (clapping on time quickly and continuously which also ties into order)
  • Compassion (frequently asking how people are doing, esp if previous illness or injury, gentle cuddle when needed)
  • Memory (you recall one thing from months ago from a simple hint or clue, esp if pain or joy is involved).

Supernatural = “Jesus loves people”. You gave your coins to a begging man without any fuss or prompting from us, and were joyful to give him food. Books or toys you don’t use you offer to give to another kid, Certain Bible stories you read and recall on your own. We tell “pretend” stories of Ethan helping people, noticing people and showing love no matter what they look like or how they act.

Physically = 3T clothes are getting a little small and short so we’ve bumped you up to 4T. You are pretty smack dab in the middle for size. Blond hair, Big blue eyes, long blond eyelashes. You run and walk everywhere, but we still pick you up to bring you upstairs for you nap, you’re so long laying in our arms. If there an option to climb, you climb. If you can jump, you’ll jump. You love to dance and keep us moving!

Socially = You excel with one-on-one quality time. Familiar kids and adults are good. Acquaintances continue to be hard for you. Less than 1 year ago you had bouts of kicking and biting and yelling, and now most of that has resolved (thank GOODNESS). Your choice of rebelling now is swatting, spitting, and yelling. You will play well with older kids (although similar age kids are hard for you), you also do love to be by little babies.

Siblinghood = You adore Evy, you run to get her toys, hold her hand, offer her food and water. Whatever you do, you ask if she can come too! She follows you everywhere. You do not like it when she get’s too close to you when you’re tired. You yell at her, “stop looking at me!”, or “no evy. do not do that. ever. again.”. When you are overtired or hungry you act our more with her (picking her up when you’re not supposed to, or just plane-ol running her over).

Discipline = Love and Logic meets Grace-filled. Bad choices are made right with good choices (you were disrespectful to daddy, so how can you think of him and help him?). Your big struggles? :: anything with a change to the routine or out of the norm

Interests = Curious George (as in 9 books at a time). Jesus storybook Bible. Bikes/Scooters/skates/sleds. Airplanes. Puzzles. Loud music. Anything outside. Tracing/writing.

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Dear Son