iphoneography. mr chris meet ethan


(On our way to trader joes this morning)

“Mom see that man?”

yes. He has no home and no money so he is standing there asking for people to love him like Jesus would love him and help him. So we can say hi or give him money or ask if he wants anything at Trader Joes too.

(reaching into his pocket, e pulled out two quarters that he found that morning  (random? where did he get those quarters? we don’t have those anywhere that I know of?!?)

“yes! I have money. Can I give it to that man?”

Oh my word kiddo. Yes of course. Let me park first!

“I wanna go walk to that man. Let’s go walk to the man. Mommy. That man. Can we walk there now? I have my coins. Mommy. Mommy. Don’t forget Evy. Let’s walk.”

(We park and walk back to the bridge with Ethan leading the way)

Hi! This is Ethan and he noticed you standing here and wanted to give something to you. 

Ethan wordlessless offers up two quarters from his jeans pocket.

The man, about sixty years old, slowly knelt in the snow right by Ethan and held out his half-gloved hand. His eyes were misty and he was clearly moved.

Ethan can  you ask the man his name? 



“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” 

He smiled and said to Ethan, “Can you shake my hand like a man?” (the man reached out to shake e’s hand)

e reached out and shook it. Mr.Chris was so gentle and tender. With a small smile, he continued to just look at Ethan, asking how he was doing and if he had a good day.

I asked him if he had any favorites at the store that we could bring him for lunch. 

He softly responded, “Smoked Oysters, they are $2 in a little box and that would be plenty”.

“Oh otay. Lets go get food for Mr.Chris.”

So after our groceries, we walked back across the bridge with his request. With Ethan leading the way with pride.

“Here you go Mr.Chris! Mr Chris! Mr Chris! Here you go!” 

(kneeling down in the snow again, he reached out and said thank you). We talked for a few minutes, he patted Evy’s head, held her hand, and shook Ethan’s hand again.

“Bye Mr. Chris.”

We turned and walked away and he called out, “Excuse me Ma’m. What is your name?”

My name is Alicia. 

“That is beautiful name. Thank you so much.”

Walking over the bridge, Ethan strutted back to the car with a huge smile. I said how proud I was of Ethan, giving away his coins, and finding food that that man liked to give to him for lunch. I told him that everyday, with every person, we love people because Jesus loves people.

“yes I know”

YOU GUYS YOU GUYS. Babies are cute and cuddly. There are many great things about that stage. But OH MY GOODNESS. Being a mom to an older kid is amazing. A true responsibility. And a true gift. I tried not to cry as my heart beat a million times a minute as I watched my son have an honest-to-goodness SUPERNATURAL moment. Wow.