dear daughter. one year old


Dear daughter,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE GIRL! You have left the infant stage. WOW. And may I say we are so in love with you.

You are very persistent, and insistent. Those are the words we use to describe you the most. You have entered the “i’ll-pull-back-harder-and-whine-if-you-take-that-away-from-me” stage. But the thing is, redirection doesn’t work with you very well. Distraction, or even removal, seems to just annoy you even more. You seem to be strong and tenacious in many ways. You are able to take tumbles and tackles very well, and get up and try again. You wrestle and dance and love to play!

You are quite independent. You seem to be able to play by yourself for even 20minutes at a time! If we leave the basement door open, you’ll scoot down there all by yourself and we’ll find you down there just playing! (you do stairs so quickly now that within 2 minutes you can be “lost” in the house and we have to find you!).

Your favorite activity is whatever Ethan is doing. You generally plop yourself right down (literally) in the middle of his activity. (as in, walk over to sit on the puzzle he is trying to put together and just sit there). You have several favorite toys – the first being the kid table and chairs in which you climb on the chair and play at the table with a nanabag, or even just some silverwear and a bowl, for 15minutes at a time. You also LOVE touch and feel books. You’ll bring them over to us, back up into our lap, and read and read and read. You get into a lot of things (cupboards, shelves, containers) and there is always evidence of where you last were. You are very sneaky, and wait for us to look at you before bolting towards the open-bathroom door for the toilet paper, or where are laptops are plugged in…and you go at it squealing with laughter. You little stinker.

You communicate both with words and signs, but you seem to prefer to use your words. “Ba-ba” for water (and often food and milk). You say the noises of a duck, elephant, and dog when you see them in books. You now consistently sign “nigh-night” and point to the crib when you’re ready to go down. Oh my word, and you kiss us, just to show affection, and we simply melt everytime.

You take 1 nap around noon for about 1-2 hours. You go to bed at 730 and wake up 730. You still will cry around 10pm most nights, but you generally self-sooth and are able to go back to sleep on your own.

A big change is that you have fully weaned from nursing. We started milk which you have adapted to just fine, and you usually take sippy-cups. About 1-2x a day you kinda drink from a bottle when you see it in the cupboard, but it seems to be less and less on your own.

You’ve had a runny nose for almost 2 months now, but otherwise you have stayed pretty healthy! You have just 2 bottom teeth (those other ones should be coming any day now right??), and you LOVE Ethan’s electric toothbrush (best teething toy ever).

We can’t even describe how much we love you. Your big blue eyes, your hands reaching up high to be picked up, your silly laugh and left dimple. You are so adorable, but more than that you are so strong. We are so excited to watch you grow!

Love, dad and mom