everyday. tortoise photo


It finally happened. The infamous tortoise photo.  I am usually solo at the zoo with the kids for my mamadays, but with Matt off for the holiday, we all were able to go together and get that balanced-don’t-fall-off-the-neck photo. It was worth it.

IMG_4007 IMG_4010

(yes, Ethan walks around with his hoodie up. all. the. time).

And Evy WALKED most of the zoo. She kept reaching out for Ethan’s hand, as he pretty much walked past every.single.animal and just told her what it was for about a second, and then moved on.

IMG_4002 IMG_4018

So this boy is SO good with structure and order and routine. He was thrown off a bit with Matt being at the zoo with us, and also it being so busy with the holiday. So he needed a little extra love and attention to encourage him to be respectful and patient. This has been a really interesting process, watching him move from toddlerhood to preschooler and in more ways than not, this has been my favorite time with him. (that adoration, of each new season, for it’s good and bad will probably be a theme through parenting I am told!)


And this little squirt, who turns ONE THIS WEEK (how is that real?!), was just a gem.

IMG_4049 IMG_4044 IMG_4042

We often “divide and conquer” to keep some feeling of sanity. But there are times like this, that embracing the chaos and adjusting to life as a family of four was good for us all. Family days are a blessing.