in motion. winter combo

For your viewing pleasure, find 11 minutes in your day to laugh at our life (for real, these are our everyday moments)

  • lemon = snack
  • winter slides are the bomb (and be amazed. still no ER visits)
  • penguin was a bit flirty
  • musician in training
  • this is 95% of my mama days
  • again, the day continued…..I wanted to show how LONG they are just THEM together (there are about 10 things in this interaction I find amusing)
  • we always need a dance video
  • what’s more awesome, what he does? or the color of the bath?
  • why do we even try to clean?
  • this could have ended poorly, but it didn’t
  • by far the better dance video — between the clapping and his hilarious moves, it’s pretty much a tie. until you get to the end, and he tries to snap his fingers (??) and it just hits awesome
  • the next little chef moment (burn-rights-included)
  • little baby voices are adorable
  • if only she would do it closer to the machines.
  • cuddle wrestling (and tackle)
  • Evy’s “totally proud of myself laugh” (and her cold-wind-burned cheeks)






In Motion