everyday. curious george

The joy our son has with curious george books is abundant. neverending. silly-dimpled-grin happiness. I’m not sure how many there are, but we have many of the “classic” stories, a bunch of random ones from garage sales, several “newer” additions, and of course the pile he picks out from the library.

Here’s the thing with these stories. They borderline make “bad choices” seem fun, with george rarely getting any consequences….and for a while, it drove us bonkers (so we conveniently changed the story a wee-bit). However. He IS curious. And us humans DO make a lot of mistakes. And while it’s best to learn and then live, there is a lot of living and learning in these early years. And now that Ethan is old enough to ask questions about the story, we really don’t mind it.

And other perk why we LOVE these books may surprise you. The more recent additions have racial and age and body size diversity as a norm in the drawings. The kids in the class have 15 different skin and hair shades for the 15 kids. There are elderly persons and babies in most books. Both large and small persons. It’s a beautiful way for him to see the diversity in our world. Cuddles with our preschooler as we read….this is a memory worth capturing.

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