everyday. evy on skates

Oh yes, it really happened. Our Evy went ice skating. And she loved it.


There is a local arena with open-skate with $2 rentals. YES. They have toddler sizes. YES. They have small toddler sizes. YES YES.

It’s hard to describe all the joy that happened, but here is just two minutes of OVER AN HOUR on ice with the kiddos. Our friend David came with us which made it twice as fun, and super helpful to have the extra hands.

And don’t miss Evy lurching down and signing “more” when we tried to pick her up from skating!

I think this may be our weekly tradition now during the brittle cold. So if you ever want to join in, let us know!!!

IMG_3884 IMG_3889 IMG_3912 IMG_3919 IMG_3926 IMG_3933IMG_3917