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Clearly this moment was wonderful for us because I am going to use THREE mediums to tell you the story.

Ice Skating. With a three year old. And your besties. In 40 degrees. It. Is. Bliss.

We went downtown, rented some skates (for free!), and said let’s do it!

I remember skating as a kid. We did it often as a family, we would even skate in the dark….I tried to do the jumps and twists like I saw on TV. I even took a neighborhood petition and presented a proposal for a warming house in our neighborhood to our city counsel (true story. I wore a silk-neck-scarf to make myself look older).

So putting Ethan in his first pair of skates was a WHOOT. He was so excited. We got him on the ice. And he SHUT DOWN. As in jelly-legs-won’t-stand-up. The kid wasn’t scared or sad, just totally unresponsive. I turn to my sister with a realization, “new place, new activity, not routine…he is in overload. Let’s push through it”. So we made it over-the-top fun for 10minutes….and then he was golden. And he was out there for almost two hours!! (yes, we all had blisters).

So here is the stopmotion

And here is the real live video. First be totally impressed I managed to get video while on the ICE. Second, watch for Matt/Evy in the background dancing towards the one minute mark, makes me crack up everytime.

And here are our favorite photos!

IMG_2536 IMG_2537 IMG_2544 IMG_2548 IMG_2558 IMG_2578 IMG_2584 IMG_2586 IMG_2597 IMG_2600 IMG_2614 IMG_2633 IMG_2651 IMG_2672 IMG_2678 IMG_2702 IMG_2707 IMG_2720