everyday. a little snow and some best friends

Over the holidays, Peter and Christina stayed with us. I can’t even describe the life-giving joy that they bring us. One day, it snowed. As in big fluffy snowflakes snowed. OOOOHHHH. I LOVE those moments in winter. It makes it magical. (and usually with the big fluffy stuff it’s not brittle cold which is a huge HURRAY for me!). So we couldn’t help ourselves.

IMG_2799 IMG_2806 IMG_2810 IMG_2811 IMG_2815 IMG_2818 IMG_2831 IMG_2837

Their love is so genuine and raw. And real. My soul ached to get photos of just these two. So I didn’t give them a choice. I told them to stand there and just be all cuddly-and-what-not …..and the snow and them created even more magic.


I mean. I can’t even.

IMG_2858_1 IMG_2868_1

There is something so present and honest with their emotion. The way they look at each other and smile and dimple. I want more of this in my life too.


I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be allowed to be loved by such lovely people. xoxo