dear daughter. eleven months old


Dear daughter,

Oh our girl. You are 11 months old. How is that possible. This month has been really really wonderful with you. Why you may ask?

You hold up your hands, walking towards us, when you want us to pick you up.

You say “ba-ba” for water, and get so excited when you get to eat or take a bottle.

You simply play with anything, so content, for long periods of time. Favorite examples are the touch and feel books (you sit in our laps and read over and over again), the nana bags (pompoms in holes, egg-shakers).

You climb on the little kid chairs and table and get this goofy 2-tooth smile on your face.

You cuddle in, pressing your arms into your sides/tummy and turning your face into our shoulder. Pause. Pause. Pause, sign.

You play with your hair or our hair when you want comfort.

You clap and twist your body when you hear music

You have a belly-laugh when you see Ethan in a hoodie.

You bring so much joy and so much cuteness to our lives. We are so blessed by you.

Hugs always,

dad and mom.