everyday. a holz farm holiday event

For a couple hours, our local farmstead opened itself up to hayrides, reindeer, smores, carolers, and all that it has to offer. And we were there!


Let’s start at the beginning. The reindeer (er, caribou? or whatever breed of animal it is). Pretty neat. Evy was really not thrilled.

IMG_2220 IMG_2227 IMG_2217

We waited, and waited, and waited in line for the hayride. I’m pretty sure we attempted to bribe Ethan several times to bypass it, but he was calmly insistent he was fine waiting. So…..we waited.

IMG_2267 IMG_2255 IMG_2233 IMG_2231 IMG_2240 IMG_2238IMG_2294

Until FINALLY it was our turn! We were also handed jingle bells (which ethan spontaneously broke into song without anyone else joining him).

IMG_2276 IMG_2281

He climbed onto a tracker. And smiled. I smiled to. Because he’s so funny. Oh side note, before we came to the farm, we were telling Ethan some of the farm activities and we mentioned Santa. He asked us, “Can I give him a hug and say Ho-Ho?”. Um. Sure buddy. (our thoughts on kids and santa are pretty low-key and realistic, but that’s another story). Well Ethan forgot all about it once he saw the food and tractors. So that was convenient for us since no way I was standing in that line too.

IMG_2303 copy IMG_2299

And then we finished off with our favorite of the day. Smores. I don’t think Ethan has made smores before. But he was in love.

IMG_2284 IMG_2286 IMG_2288

So there you have it. A farmstead christmas!