everyday. for the love of tennis

Want to know why Matt is smiling? No, make that dimpling?


It’s because several weeks ago, he was given an early Christmas gift — a new tennis racquet! Now in case you didn’t know, lemme tell you.

About 9 months ago, Matt started playing tennis with his coworkers over lunch for some exercise. Several of the guys, Matt included, had played tennis leisurely in the past so they were all familiar with it. Since then, it has morphed. What started as something small, 6 of his coworkers now regularly play together, as in playing tennis EVERY lunch hour. Everyone’s skill has improved enough, that it was clear that Matt was outplaying his racquet abilities, so it was time for an upgrade. My dad brought him to a shop, and found the perfect fit.


Oh. Did I mention he and his coworkers now play indoor tennis? Oh yes. They meet up, sometimes 830pm to play an hour of tennis! Matt is loving it. And everyone knows it because if they don’t already play, he’s asking most of his friends if they’d want to learn so he has more chances to play!

Well, it sweetened the deal that he became a “patron” at our nearest indoor courts and now has access to playing during with winter (since he’s now doing so much of it anyway!). And last weekend we booked a 30min slot and did a family tennis outing and brought the kiddos! I hadn’t played for quite sometime but it came back pretty quickly and I was reminded how much I enjoy it! Ethan did surprisingly well and Evy…well, she did great too.

IMG_1555 IMG_1565 IMG_1568 IMG_1573 IMG_1575 IMG_1578 IMG_1579 IMG_1581 IMG_1586 IMG_1591 IMG_1593

So if you want to join in on the fun, grab your racquet and give him a call! I promise you, he’ll meet up with you whenever wherever to play a game!