everyday. christmas tree

This year marks the beginning of a new tradition — a real Christmas tree! Yes, for 8 years we have used our fake tree but this year we are celebrating this holiday with some specific intentional choices that we are thrilled about!

  • We drove 0.2 miles away to our local tree lot, which has MN grown trees by a local family and picked out our tree! An awesome way to support our community.


  • We have chosen minimal decor. In fact, the tree is the only holiday decoration in the house. Less clutter. Keeping it simple. (plus, the tree is our favorite part, so it’s a win!)


  • We are using an advent reading plan with the Jesus Storybook Bible and reading a story with Ethan each evening. Then after the reading, he gets to open a little bag in which I have placed 2 ornaments in it that he can put on the tree! So right now, the tree is almost bare, and as we get closer to Christmas, it’ll fill up with ornaments.
  • (Peter, Christina, Matt and I started an advent book last month called The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp that we are going through together every couple days for our own discussion as we approach Christmas. It has been such a refreshing way to focus on Jesus when I am so quick to forget. Bless.)
  • We did it! We finished and wrapped all our gifts by December 1st! Our many celebrations are spread out over a few weeks to encourage us to really enjoy each time with family and friends without feeling rushed and still giving us some breathe room inbetween.

This Christmas is already been so beautiful for us and we are hoping the same is true for your family!