freetext. it is well

Right now, it is well.

My life’s purpose is lining up with how I’m actually living. My work is sweet and full of rewards and purpose, it’s divine. My mama days stretch me and bring me more joy and fulfillment than I imagined. I’m singing and leading and using my talents to encourage others. My friends are speaking hard truths and pushing me to grow as a person. We are frequently re-budgeting to push a little simpler and generous and radical and it feels amazing. I am finding new recipes. I’m reading amazing books. I have date nights with my husband and a trusted sitter. We have people in our life that connect with us, make us feel seen and heard. And in turn we have our people we are trying to be a blessing to as well. We completed our month goal and have finished our Christmas shopping.

Our calendar is empty and ready to be filled in with cuddles, and good food, and people.

Right now it is well. It is well with my soul.

And I’m grateful.

I don’t always sit in the good seasons really well. Because my inner cynic waits for the other shoe to drop. “It’s too good” mentality lurks in my mind easily. But this time around I don’t feel that. I am actually living with joy during this good season.

I know the next season of hard is coming. I can feel it. In the last decade, I have seen the eb and flow of life seasons and the stress of change or hard choices always is on the horizon. It’s just the human life. Something is always abrewing.

My friend Michelle reminded me that this next hard-season, whatever that is, may not be a restructuring of life like we had this year. It may just be a slow apathy or numbness or carelessness. It may be laziness. Yes it may be a big something, but it could also be a quiet million small somethings over the next several years. I know my tendencies of boredom and laziness.

So I purposely choose my life of intentional living right now.

I’m enjoying watching my daughter learn to walk and my son trace letters. We’re pumping the music loud and bundling up for walks. I’m setting down my phone. I’m laughing as our kids splash in the tub and water gets everywhere. We’re trying to say yes more than no, and looking for our “we will do anything” life-purpose.

You guys. It’s so sweet. It is SO WELL with our souls. In the good, right now, it is well.