dear daughter. ten months old

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Dear Evy

Your month this month was beautiful. So so wonderful. You are so strong. You are so fun. You have big blue eyes and blond hair with one left-sided dimple. Oh girl. You make us smile!

The biggest change this month is that you confidently stand up and walk! You’ll walk 5-10 steps on your own! Ethan loves helping you “learn” to walk and it’s our favorite moments seeing you squeal at him as he leads you around the house.

Your first official word is “Hi”. You also say mama and dada and ba (for ball). You make “whhhrrr” and humming sounds with play cars and planes. You SING along to music (oh my heart) and wave your hands in the air with music as well.

Getting you down for the night can be struggle, even 1-2 hours of crying — nothing wrong, you just want to be held. Your routine at bedtime seems to be in constant flux with sometimes nursing, sometimes books, sometimes held, but I think you’re just transitioning away from nursing. But once you’re asleep, you usually sleep around 10 hours. You take 1-2 naps a day (depending on time and length). And you only nurse a few times a day now. But girl you are an AWESOME eater. You’ll eat 1-2 scrambled eggs plus pancakes for breakfast. You eat anything and everything, but you love broccoli, bananas (well, any fruit), fish/meats, and any noodles or rice.

When we ask you to get a ball, you look around, find one, and then hand it to us to play with you! And your favorite activity is opening cupboards and emptying them out! You get very concentrated in your play kitchen and love sitting right next to Ethan.

What are things you don’t like? You don’t like being handed off to strangers. You don’t like your bath very long. You don’t like it when Ethan squeezes you too tight or tries to pick you up. You don’t like your diaper changed.

What can we tell you about your personality? You remain very flexible with your “routines”, you are tough — you are able to wrestle and play a little rough and you just giggle. You talk loud and dance to music.

You are amazing girl. xoxo.

mom and dad