freetext. lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography =  “is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s life or to inspire people in different times.”

Why do I try to take a photo everyday? “The art of the everyday”. I love that description.

Taking photos everyday makes me slow down. I need to focus on the small details in the frame, and somehow I actually appreciate the moment more. When I see the tiny wringly baby hands, or the eyelashes, or his profile as he does legos. I have to focus, just for three seconds, on the details. And that reminds me of the importance of life. It sounds corny. But it’s true.

Sometimes I worry about my motives for photography. Is it selfish? Self centered? Even borderline narcissistic? Is it flashy or showy? Is it misleading or even a lie?

Or can I be inspiring? Can I create art? Can I capture our story?

Show me a photo, and the memory floods back.

My childhood photos are priceless to me. Rewind a bit more, and I love seeing photos of my parents as kids. And even MORE so my grandparents as kids. And I want to know EVERYTHING that that photo shows. What is that truck or tractor for? Was that your front yard? What did you do there? Who was that and why were you with them? One photo has a wealth of information.

Memories are important because it’s a retelling of our story. Specifically it’s the story of where we came from. And hopefully, as we age, we become more wise. The fun and silliness of photos of teenagers remind us that raging hormones and acne is hard and fun all at once. The family photos, complete with outfits reflective of trends and times, reminds us of how far we’ve come. Photos reflect that status of our health and wellness. They document who we chose to spend time with. Photographs often reflect our priorities.

We are the first generation to have a photo documentation of our lives. Theoretically, in 150 years, generations will be able to pull up these images of us and know our life. In an of itself, that doesn’t have a lot of meaning. But the conversations around our story, hopefully will.

Photography allows us to understand a little bit about history, or locations, even if we were never there. It can inspire.

But photos also can be misleading and edited to be a bit too rosy. Rainbows and smiles. The garbage isn’t shown. The tears, the yelling, the tension, the unhealthy choices. Those can be left out. Because we don’t want to document those moments. Even though highlighted hard moments is often when real life happens.

“My aim is to capture my people in real-life events in an artistic manner; in the art of the everyday. My primary goal is to tell a story about people’s life and to inspire people in different times.”

I find joy in this hobby. But I hope for a larger purpose. The art of the everyday. Capture. Retell. Inspire.