everyday. real christmas photos

Let’s talk. Christmas Photos. Of kids. With kids. Uuugggghhhh.

I decided to attempt a family photo with the intention of using it for a Christmas photo. Now, obviously, there is only so much you can do with a tripod, two squirmy kids, and a timer, but the weather was right so we figured, why not.

Oh. Let me tell you why not.

The perfect photo with young kids…the one with everyone smiling and looking is totally fake. As in, it is always a lucky quick shutter at the perfect split-second, a post-throw-kid-in-the-air expression, or just a really really talented professional photographer. I know this because I have done these sessions. The sessions where I promise the kid cried for 30min of the 45min and I still managed to get 20 smiling photos. How? TOTAL luck (and bribery).

So. Back to our story…..

We got a few shots that turned out. Well, you know. Ethan’s fake smile. Evy’s constant look of confusion (because remember, it’s just a camera and tripod over there). Some forced “relaxed” ones. Sorta-kinda-but-not-really in focus (because, again, the tripod situation). Bad lighting (tripod AGAIN, doesn’t allow for angles and sunspot attempts). Not too bad overall, but still not what I pictured in my mind…..

IMG_0164 copyIMG_0169

(oh my word. Evy’s flat-faced-horrified-expression makes me crack up everytime).

IMG_0175 copy IMG_0172 copy


So I moved on to just the kids. Maybe I can get that “perfect” photo of the kids.

By pure luck, this one happened. But it didn’t feel real. Or even emotional. It was just, meh.

IMG_0190 copy


And it went down hill. First was the poke.

IMG_0189 copy


Then it was exhaustion.

IMG_0193 copy IMG_0196 copy


Then it was retreat. I mean jump ship. Er….jump wagon.

IMG_0197 copy


And then it dropped to a new level of fail.

IMG_0201 copy


Oh yes. She didn’t want the bow on. She just sat there and cried.

So I tried maybe JUST ethan. Oktay buddy, let’s take a picture! Can you smile?

IMG_0199 copy


Annnnnd done.

I really wanted to make a collage of these and say “real holidays with kids” and send them out. For REAL. But then I decided to just do a blogpost instead. Because they still made me smile. The kids were still cute.

But in the end, what these reaffirmed is how much I do not enjoy “portrait” photography. That perfect pose just isn’t our life. Our life is messy and random and peek-a-boo. So I continue to find new outlets for my lifestyle-photography, and maybe even find something “real” to do for christmas. Probably something with picking out the tree. Or cookies (eeeee! can you imagine ethan in the kitchen!). Or just us dancing to music in the living room.

So keep posted. I may not get the “perfect” photo, but I’ll definitely post a lot of real ones!