everyday. gentle and tender souls

Ethan can be a little rough with Evy. But yesterday, at the perfect morning at the zoo, he was so tender with her. Let me set the scene.

There is a part at our zoo with the “steps”. Most people yank their kids off this for safety. And I tried it once. Until I realized it’s literally an invitation for kids to climb it, so might as well embrace it.

IMG_0059 IMG_0056 copy IMG_0068

He was using his walk to eat his PB sandwich snack. And I almost cleaned his face, but then I realized that this is the TRUE photo of childhood portraits. And somehow, acknowledging this detail and even deciding then and there to highlight it, it made this moment sweet.


This beautiful boy was just himself. I wasn’t trying to make him perfect. Just allowing him to be him. And, my favorite photo to date, was captured.

IMG_0062 copy

He kept walking and munching….Talking about the sticks, and the leaves, and the animals. The steps have slowly gotten higher and higher. Until he is walking at my eye level.

IMG_0069 IMG_0071 IMG_0072

It’s a long walkway of these steps, all uphill. And since 9am means perfect sun. I asked him to stop. Just so Evy could sit by him up there and maybe eat her snack too.


And then. The most amazing thing happened. He was so tender. SO TENDER you guys. This hugs were soft, not squishy at all. Evy, who had been in the stroller separated from him, was over-the-moon happy to be moved next to him.

IMG_0077 IMG_0079 copy IMG_0080 IMG_0081 copy IMG_0083

I meant to take one photo. But we were the only ones at the zoo in this spot. It was completely silent except for a light breeze. He munched, she aah-gahhed. And they were just by each other. She’d reach up, and he’d lean over. So gently. So tender. It was almost as if I had captured some holy supernatural moment because I swear time stood still.

IMG_0088 copy IMG_0090 IMG_0091 IMG_0092 copy IMG_0093IMG_0094

I don’t know if you can sense the emotion in this moment. But it was really real. When I scrolled back and saw them, I knew this was something special. Ones that will be looked back upon and remembered. He at 3 years old, and She at 9 months.


Side by side. These two make my heart beat a little bit faster. I felt just a glimpse of their soul yesterday. I felt their hearts. Their innocence. Their life that matters because they are treasured and loved.