companions. erik and jessa

Meet Erik and Jessa.


We met them about about 1 year ago and recently I have had a few moments, just here and there, to connect with this couple and I am utterly and completely smitten. They love and live so authentically…it’s so inspiring.

IMG_9016 IMG_9019 IMG_9033 IMG_9060 IMG_9097 IMG_9150 IMG_9389 IMG_9171

And their daughter. Beautiful and passionate Noi.

IMG_9257 IMG_9249 IMG_9272

Their story of adopting an older child from South Africa is amazing. It was featured last year during our church’s series about adoption (yes, that was an awesome topic for our church to discuss and be challenged together!). If you have five minutes, take a look here….

Now they are a year later….and enjoying the joys and exhaustion of parenthood. They have such a grace about them even in the struggles that come with raising a family. They are people I want to hang around….because I know they will challenge me to be a little more patient, a little more vulnerable, and a little more real. True community — as designed by God — is constantly featured by this family, because they always have Jesus in the center. It’s amazing.

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(oh, and she and my friend Michelle went on a trip to the Congo earlier this year — the photos are breathtaking. Read and see them here = Hello Africa ). Until next time friends, I hope these family photo swaps continue to be an annual tradition because I adore you guys!