everyday. trio

For just a couple hours, I watched a trio of kids this week and we all walked to the park. And. It. Was. Awesome! Neveah — you are so loved!

IMG_9400 IMG_9398

The two toddlers played better together then ever. They were polite, conversing pleasantly, enjoyed each other — I seriously didn’t interact with them for over 30 minutes as they just…..well, were friends. THIS is awesome!

IMG_9465 IMG_9449 IMG_9445 IMG_9444 IMG_9441 IMG_9436 IMG_9428 IMG_9410

Oh my goodness. And EVY was a gem. Seriously. She was just so happy to be playing outside in this crazy beautiful weather!

IMG_9423 IMG_9424 IMG_9420 IMG_9418

My friendship with Michelle is priceless. Her impact on my life encompasses everything from parenting to marriage to faith to family to self-care….all of it.

I wanted to share this video. It is her story. It was featured last year during an adoption series by our church. And it is so beautiful. If you have three minutes, give it a look…..

Her beautiful daughter. Wow. My love for her is like my own child. She is strong and inquisitive and joyful. And our son adores her.

IMG_9471 IMG_9473 IMG_9482_1 IMG_9478 IMG_9490 IMG_9493_1

Nene, you are going to be an amazing big sister in just a few weeks!! We can’t WAIT!