companions. cassie

This mama-friend lives far away, but she is a soul-sister. A kindred spirit. Someone who loves health and wellness, and yummy food, and clean living, and being outdoors, and being a champion for marriage, for loving slow-motherhood-moments….


Oh and she has the most perfect daughter in the whole wide world. And for 36-much-too-short-hours, we got to reconnect! We talked a mile a minute, took lazy afternoon naps, went for walks….just did life together. And that was the point. It was SO perfect.

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I think one of things I love most about Cassie is that she has always made me feel so safe. I never feel judged, or not enough, or imperfect, or messed up when I’m around her. She is so calm, and wonderfully grace-loved-filled. That even though years have gone by, her beautiful spirit is so tender.

And I think her daughter is going to be similar. She has something about her. That is just special.

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Thank you beautiful friend for welcoming me into your home. For letting me use your toothpaste and cuddle your daughter and dream about the future. Thank you for your texts, even far away, that encourage and make me feel seen and loved. You’re amazing.

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