dear daughter. nine months old



Dear Evy

Our little girl. You are SO MUCH FUN! Hands down this has been our favorite month with you so far. We are so in love.

Your personality. You are strong. You can hold your own. You wrestle and giggle. You talk loud. You play by yourself.

You are on a full diet and are an amazing eater! You have one tooth and you feed yourself with your hands — breakfast is usually oatmeal and/or eggs; snacks are often graham crackers or applesauce, and lunch/dinner is whatever we are having as a family and you’ve loved most of it! You seem to toss out the veggies every so often, but you love any type of meat. You nurse before bed and then around 5am, and then about twice during the day. You’ve started to be less interested in nursing but you still love to cuddle with mama, and play with her hair while you nurse.

Sleep is going well, you cry a few times a night but are able to self sooth. Bedtime is about 7pm and you sleep until about 7am with usually one nap around 1.5hrs around lunch.

You say dada, mama, and “yah-yah”. We think your “yah-yah” is you trying to say Ethan (seriously). These first words seemed to all come last week at the same time and it’s been too cute hearing you talk. You also say “ba” for ball! You do use sign language as well for more and all done and up.

You walk with assistance and love to cruise around the house however you can! Last week you’ve tried taking a step on your own and are getting closer! You can go up and down stairs and have started dancing to music! This age with you is so hilarious. Hide-and-seek with Ethan is a real game you play and your giggle is perfection. Your favorite activities include the play kitchen (you love putting the pans in and out of the cupboards), the little people house (you like putting them down the chimney slide and putting the car in/out of the garage), and playing catch with balls.

You go to daycare three days a week and have had no problems! You take bottles well, you eat a ton of food, and you love it when Ethan comes up to say hello.

Your separation anxiety is improved but you still have stranger anxiety….you are much happier and content when Ethan is around. You are working on your next teeth right now along with a growth spurt so it’s been a bit tiring recently. But you are growing great! At you 9 month exam you are 91% for height and you are 19lbs (66%).

You give open mouth kisses to our cheeks. You clap and sit kneeling. Your little hands reach up high to us, and you give us so much joy.

We love you dear little girl. So much.

love, dada and mama