everyday. let’s all go outside because evy is teething (part 1)

It’s just a right-of-passage with all little ones — but let’s be clear. Teething is THE WORST. The whining. The whining. The unending whining. Look at her.


So we did what any sane person would do to minimize the frustration and we headed outside. The fall day’s are coming to a close…..so we played in the leaves together. She still just chewed on her fingers and whined. But at least we had some fresh air to go with it.

IMG_8958 IMG_8948 IMG_8945

Ethan was LOVING the leaf pile. We didn’t create activities or any toys….I just let him be “bored” and creative outside….for the win! Slow-paced afternoon at its best.

IMG_8932 IMG_8935

This kid. I swear he’s too fun!

IMG_8926 IMG_8925

Oh. And I thought maybe the big pile of leaves would be fun for Evy and cheer her up?! Um, fail. Oh well. Gave it a try.


And just so you know the WHINE. Here it is. Unending for hours. OH — and of course Ethan is having a blast on his own. Little dude you’re the best.