everyday. autumn in our backyard is like magic


Our backyard is beautiful each season. But there is something special that happens for 1-2 weeks in the autumn. The maple has bright red leaves, the ravine has tons of yellows, and all together, with the sunset coming through at 5pm, it really is a magical.

We tried teaching Evy how to throw leaves. She pretty much just handed them back to us.

IMG_8770 IMG_8778 IMG_8782 IMG_8783IMG_8785

So we moved to throwing the kids in the air. Evy had probably the most joyous expression on her face EVER. But man, our son get’s some awesome air. These are quite possibly my favorite tossing photos yet.


IMG_8790 IMG_8791 IMG_8800

And then was some cuddle time. love.

IMG_8804 IMG_8808 IMG_8813 IMG_8818 IMG_8831 IMG_8835

Happy Autumn everyone!