companions. david and aida

Meet our friends David and Aida. These two, they are mentors to us. Parenting, faith, family, music, hard questions. All of it. She is a kindred spirit. He is honest and gentle. Whoa. Stunningly gifted.

They cuddle our kids. They value health and wellness. They recall stories and answer questions in such a way that they wisely give advice without even knowing it — and Matt and I meet eyes at each other and know we’ll make a change or have an amazing conversations. They are active and compassionate… and bring us food and drop us off at the airport and … go for bike rides with us… well, they are simply love.

IMG_7250 IMG_7245 IMG_7291 IMG_7297 IMG_7375

This weekend I got a last-minute text saying both of their kids were going to be home and I JUMPED on the chance to take some family photos. Because previously, I hadn’t figured out how to ask if I may take them without sounding like a stalker (although our friends should know by now I ADORE taking photos of them, it fills my tank and brings me joy!). So I was kinda relieved when they reached out. And my word. It was an HONOR. They are so beautiful.

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Thank you for being such wonderful mentor friends and role models for us. We are so blessed by you both!