companions. tia sleep over

We were a household of five for a day and night and it was carayzeee!

Ethan was frequently trying to help her and show her everything. Evy was constantly trying to wrestle. And Tia was completely and hilariously watching the E’s every.single.second. Within an hour, she was wondering the house with the E’s, finding toys, playing on stairs, joining the snacks….it was pretty chaotic but seriously so fun to watch!

Oh but the best part was the swinging. As in 30 straight minutes of swinging. Not possible you say? No no. It’s possible. (see video below for some fun clips!)

IMG_7149 IMG_7142 IMG_7159 IMG_7150 IMG_7168 IMG_7176

The slide was equally fun too. The sand kept the girls occupied for, well, much longer than it should have. And they were the only kiddos at the park and completely content!

IMG_7184 IMG_7190 IMG_7189 IMG_7194 IMG_7196

And for your viewing pleasure, some snipits of the moments we loved! (and E pretty much owns those swings. His fearless jumping, twisting, pumping….ha.)