dear son. three years old.

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Dear Son,

Order. Food. Adding. Counting. Strong. Active. Fearless. Brave. Comforting. Frustrating. Inquisitive. Planes. Curious George. Puzzles. Bike. Scooter. Fish. Fruit. Noodles. Ice cream. Blue. Button-ups. Intelligent. Polite. Manners. Joyful.

Three years old buddy. You are in preschool. Wow.

On your birthday, do you know the 2 things you wanted to do now that you were three??

“My three years old! Ethan pee standing up now! And no more little wheels on ethan’s bike!”

The last few months has been the typical roller coaster of several good weeks followed by several hard weeks, and then repeat. Sometimes you are so immobile, so inflexible, so triggerable that life is rough. Othertimes you are openly considerate and independent and logical that it’s a breeze.

You wake up about 630am and cuddle in your blanket, baby, and your bear. You usually request to make pancakes or muffins or eggs for breakfast and want to “make it all by ethan’s self”. The rest of the morning is spent playing! Often we walk/bike to the park, go to the zoo, visit friends or family, just hang out. You always have a morning snack around 930am and the lunch about noon. You still take an hour nap right after lunch (although the time and length is becoming more random). The afternoon’s are filled with more playing and staying active! And then it’s about an hour bedtime routine of water, books, potty, and songs.

Favorite activities = riding your bike with training wheels, reading curious george books, making lego planes, and going to parks for swinging or monkey bars.

The funny moments? Calling us by our given name when we don’t respond the first time. Watching people be amazed at you in the kitchen, or climbing really really high. Your impeccable memory on asking people how their owy’s are.

Your independence has been awesome! You wear a pullup at night but you are fully potty trained, poop in the toilet (although it takes you 15+ minutes at night to do that!), and even pee standing up. You are able to get fully dressed, help out with dishes and laundry, and are just such a great little kid.

When we look back at this last year, we want you to know you were so active. Always moving and talking. You were so much hard work for us. You pushed and pulled us in ways that was often painful as we learned to interact with a toddler. And you were also our biggest source of joy. You enabled us to do fun activities we never would have done if we didn’t have you. You saw life and mountains and pools and legos and puzzles as such an amazing moment in your life, that we couldn’t help but smile with you. It was good. SO good.

We love you buddy. What an amazing son you are to us,

love, dad and mom







Dear Son