everyday. duplo planes

Legos are a genius toy. Seriously. As an adult, I’m thrilled to have an activity that I can do with my kiddos and I enjoy it equally as they do! And as a parent, it’s so fascinating to see creativity and engineering concepts start to take place in a child. And any guesses what he makes? Every.Single.Time?

IMG_4100 IMG_4108






IMG_4099 IMG_4113 IMG_4119

Ethan, almost exclusively, builds airplanes. He is quite creative with it and makes many different versions, each one a bit different than the previous. I don’t help him. He does it on his own. The propeller, the wheels, the oddly-correct-symmetry.

IMG_4115 IMG_4121

Making a “really really really” big airplane, using almost all of the pieces, is his favorite. Again, I didn’t adjust it or make it symmetrical. He sits and does it over and over. I usually make (much less impressive) airplanes next to him. He recently has tried to build a blimp, or rocket, or “sonic jet”, but he usually changes it to an airplane half way through. He is, if nothing else, very loyal to his craft.

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