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We have been so fortunate to have Matt’s side of the family within an hour’s drive from us and that we are able to get together often….yesterday we had the whole group together and hung out for the morning!

IMG_1935 IMG_1931It is especially fun to get the three kiddos together! These cousins are too cute.

IMG_1892 IMG_1896 IMG_1899 IMG_1916My favorite moment was when Evy completely and utterly ON PURPOSE rested on Ethan, a bit shy and a bit protective. Ethan reacted (on his own) as usual — leaning over for a cuddle and giving her a kiss.

IMG_1906 IMG_1907While we had everyone together, I was itching to get some new updated family photos of Luke, Alyssa, and Tia so we did some quick cuddles to commemorate the moment.

IMG_1946 IMG_1948 IMG_1974 IMG_1986 IMG_2005 IMG_2021 IMG_1953_1Thank you for a fun and beautiful morning! We love you all!