dear daughter. seven months


Dearest Evy. You are such a little squirt. We love you.

The biggest change over the last month is that you can now pull yourself to standing! It means we have lowered your crib down and have to keep an eye on you around the stairs! You are becoming more vocal saying “ahh-gaah” and just overall “aayyyyyy” talking.

Quite possibility the cutest new thing is your wave. When we wave hello to you, you wave back (with your left hand), and its just too.too.awesome. Your favorite playtime is banging little wooden blocks together and also playing in the buckets by the window. Of course you love the busyboard and tearing paper, and all the other baby toys as well. You do very well in the stroller as we walk to the park or around the block almost every night.

You are a great eater. You have most veggies and fruits down. You love holding steamed broccoli and whole bananas and eating them on your own. The baby num-nums and puffs and yogurt drops are also a favorite snack. You take water out of a sippy quite well! Oh, and banana bread – you love banana bread! You are nursing 4x during the day and then before bed at 7pm. You generally wake up for the day at 7am.

You sleep 8 hours in a row and the last few week you have decided to wake up 330am almost every morning….and you will cry for up to 2 hours until nursed. We have decided to give you 2 more weeks to see if you just need a little bit more time, but then after that we will likely do another round of sleep training. You have dropped to 2 regular naps which are very predicable which is great….45min about 930am and then 2 hours around 1pm. We do dinner at 6pm and then PJs 630pm and in bed at 7pm.

This month you have really started to try to get Ethan’s attention. You scoot over to him and try to pull yourself up, screech-laughing as you do it. You still give Ethan the biggest smiles and loudest laughs than anyone else. You especially think he’s funny when he’s wearing a hoodie or helmet and it always makes us laugh when we hear you giggling!

The dreaded separation anxiety has been at an all-time high the last 2 weeks, but it seems to be calming down. You have had some more whining overall which is likely a combo of teething and new foods and new developments and separation, but you are easily soothed by ether mom or dad.

We desperately love you and are having so much fun watching you grow!

Love, mom and dad