in motion. everyday in real time

I feel like there are so many fun “everyday” moments that happen around our house! Here are snipits from the last 6 weeks….all unscripted, not-prompted….just grabbing a minute video at a time when I can! Grab a snack, and enjoy a glimpse into our life in real time. (click on “vimeo” on lower right for best viewing)

  • The squeals. The laughing. The probability someone will ram into a corner….
  • Ethan video-bomb
  • You just see it ending badly….
  • Wade pool
  • He does this all on his own. Over and Over again.
  • Evening snack on the deck just got more complex…..
  • Quite possibility my favorite of the bunch because it is SO real life. Cute evy minding her business –> surprise….keeping watching evy –> “oh my goodness, evy spitting up” –> “no my want to do it, i’m sorry, i’m sorry, evy don’t like it” (i promise this was totally spontaneous)
  • Tennis, unscripted
  • Is there anything better than playing peek-a-boo with yourself??
  • I lifted my phone to get a picture and accidentally pushed video instead….and captured what e’s response to my horizontal-read-phone-pose
  • Just an average morning….
  • Drool happens. His face. His attempt to use HER clothes to help. Priceless.
  • His love, her joy….it is all so real.all.the.time; so he’s copying what matt does (he pretends to fall backwards when ethan “hits” him with his feet).
  • Big bike yall!
  • I was amazed, I didn’t even tell him what to do. And then he wouldn’t stop doing it….
  • Oh the cuteness. Oh the CUTENESS. I can’t even.






In Motion