everyday. little monkey

How do I describe what Ethan climbs. Well. Ever.Y.Thing. He has the scrapes and bruises to prove it! I honestly don’t know if his level of climbing is a common thing with toddlers, or just to a certain personality-type-group, but he loves it. Even daycare says he is always climbing on top of everything. So we’ve just embraced it, not hovering, but letting him make falls and choices so he is able to learn and get more confident in his self-chosen-boundaries. It’s certainly been an exercise in holding our tongue, and several times a week we mutter under our breath “there is a 50% we are heading to the ER after this.” (knock on wood, no visits yet).

IMG_0284 IMG_0286IMG_0324

And even with all the climbing at parks, he always comes back and checks in on Evy. Because she is inevitably just looking around to watch him anyways….

IMG_0290 IMG_0307 IMG_0321

Speaking of this little squirt, Evy loves to eat. (well obviously. she does watch me eat all.of.the.time). So we bring some snacks for her to munch on. She is too darn cute.

IMG_0331 IMG_0332