everyday. an afternoon with a mommy-helper and the fun of childhood

Once a week, I’ve had an amazing pre-teen girl come and watch Ethan for several hours while I do some things around the house (this week I made freezer meals!!). She is amazing and Ethan loves her. This week they had especially good fun.

To the sitter and E, “yes you can do tattoos!” — 20 minutes later — “look mommy. LOTS AND LOTS of tattoos”. — “ha. 5 on your back, 12 on your leg, 4 on your tummy. yes that is” — (and me secretly jealous childhood is so much fun)

IMG_0522 IMG_0523 IMG_0527 IMG_0528

To the sitter — “yes you can do chalk” — 20 minutes later — “Mommy! Come do pompsch-sopm with me?” — “um what??.“ooooh, yes. Hopscotch. so much fun!” (and totally excited he gets the together-apart jumping of the game!) (again, childhood is totally a good gig.)

IMG_0547 IMG_0548 IMG_0552 IMG_0559

Sitter to me — “So E wants to fly a kite??” — “Oh yes. We fold paper into random shapes, scotchtape dental floss to the back, and run around singing ‘lets go fly a kite'”. — blink — “that’s a really good idea!” (I credit my mom for teaching us kids to be so creative with crafty games!) (and seriously WHY do kids get so much fun?!)


(and I hummed “let’s go fly a kite” during my meal-making, Evy played with a bag of frozen peas on the kitchen floor, and I watched out the window my boy gleefully play for 4 hours outside. Its the best.)