dear daughter. six months old


Dear daughter,

Happy half birthday little girl! My oh my. You bring us so much joy!

So many big changes in the last few weeks have happened for you. You sit up just fine on your own, you scootch across the room, you reach for us, (sorta) eat food, and sleep through the night! WHOO HOO!

You have started eating foods (mostly veggies and fruits) and you really seem to enjoy that! You kinda just gag the food down since you still don’t quite get the swallowing motion. You nurse 3-4x a day and then right before bed at 7pm. We have been doing sleep training so you no longer nurse at the 10pm or 2am time, but need to wait until 5pm to eat. You still wake up several times a night but can usually self-soothe after a few minutes of whining and put yourself back to sleep. It has been amazing that you can sleep 10hrs in a row now!

You have changed from 3 naps a day to only 1-2 naps. Often you have a 2hr nap and also a shorter 45min nap. You continue to be very flexible with your nap lengths/locations and are really able to just go with the flow of the day.

You officially can scoot/baby crawl to get toys and across a room! You don’t have a favorite toy but rather enjoy with anything put in front of you — cars, blocks, pop-ups, rings, books….anything. You LOVE to be outside in the summer weather watching whatever is happening around you (esp Ethan).

There are so many little things you do that make you you — Your eyebrows are always high in your forehead as you observe everything. When you wake up or finish nursing you STILL have a full-body-arch-stretch. You reach up to play with mama’s face or you throw your arm over your eyes as you nurse. You sleep on your tummy with your butt high up in the air with your legs tucked under you. Your eyes light up whenever daddy or Ethan walk in the room. You have a sad moan-hum-whine when you are crying and you have a wide-open-mouth-squeak-laugh when you are happy!

There is so much more ahead of you little girl and we can’t wait to see all your uniqueness come through!

We love you. Always.

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