companions. tia sleep over

We were a three-kid-household this weekend as we had Tia over for a sleep over! E was pretty excited to have another kiddo around to balance things of their head.

At first, she was very curious (and rightfully cautious) around Ethan, “who is this giant child who keeps hugging me and handing me toys and randomly saying peek-a-boo??”. But with every activity she warmed up to it after a minute and joined right into our chaos! Water tables, books, Mr.Potatohead, swings, chalk, splash-pad, bathtime. She waved at cars, slept 8 hours straight at night, ate great, and loved watching E and E interact.

IMG_9228 IMG_9241 IMG_9256 IMG_9271 IMG_9299 IMG_9311 IMG_9355 IMG_9365 IMG_9369 IMG_9403 IMG_9416 IMG_9548 IMG_9563 IMG_9580 IMG_9589So until next time little girl, I hope you enjoyed extra cuddles with you mom and dad as you returned home yesterday. And we can’t wait to see you again soon!