everyday. goats

Our outing to the zoo today with Alyssa and Tia included a walk to the farm. And we decided to get all three kids in the goat-petting area. Now. Let me be honest. Goat’s kinda weird me out. Their shape and smell….they’re so unpredictable…I feel like they’ll either eat all my clothes off or they’ll kick me down and then eat all my clothes. Can’t rationalize it, but it’s there.  IMG_7418

So. As one of the adults in the goat area, I should be the mature one totally excited to be showing Ethan how to pet it, brush it, and embrace the educational possibilities….not thinking how gross and poopy the ground is and completely preoccupied that ten super-intelligent goats smelling my fear and will charge me from behind. You laugh but it’s true.

And thus I blame all those thoughts on the results of this photo. See the beautiful beautiful people? yes. That part is amazing.


See the terrible awful no good framing of the (evidently) head-less goat. Um. What happened there? Terrible photography. And by the time I realized it, Ethan was backing away from the odd animal we were making him brush. Just goes to show that not all photos are set up perfect. (but the people, so lovely). And I still blame the goats. And my fear it was going to suddenly jump up at me and scream at me. (click here if you missed the reference that kept coming my mind).