dear daughter. five months old


Dearest Evy,

Happy five months old little girl! How is it that you are so big already?!

Oh your smiles. Your big blue eyes. Your soft wispy hair. Your calm temperament. You reach up to touch mama’s face as your nurse. Your wide-open-smile when you see daddy. Your squeal of glee when Ethan comes in the room. Your whole-body-stretch when you first wake up.

Let’s talk sleep. We’ve been sleep training you to at least go down at a decent time. So around 7pm you go down sleepy and then sleep until 7am in your crib with a nurse around 1am and 5am. You decided randomly almost a month ago to refuse any and all paci’s so our options are limited for middle of the night soothing. But the last few nights you’ve only nursed once during the night so that is glorious! You take 2-3 naps a day (between 45min-1.5hrs each) and are doing great with falling asleep on your own for those.

You are a fast nurser and eat every 3-4hrs during the day. You seem to be constantly having growth spurts so it’s hard to tell sometimes when you are hungry! You’re in 6-9mos clothes and we love you in lots of bright colors with teal, blue, and yellow. You resisted the bottle for the first few times it was offered, but now the last 2 weeks since you’ve started daycare part-time you’ve had no problems downing 3 bottles of 5-6oz each.

You still love to be in the Jumperoo (especially with the music pumping!). You are actively playing with all the classic “baby toys” such as the stacking rings and cups, wooden play food, nursing necklaces, books.. You can move in a complete circle, roll yourself across a room, and have gotten a few first tiny crawl-motions. And this week (at 5.5 months) you have started to sit up by yourself! Still a bit wobbly after a few minutes, but you can hold your own!

You continue to be very flexible in your schedule of rotations, not being too altered by a 10min car-nap, or us missing a few cues. You occasionally have some stranger-anxiety peaking through but usually are very content with being around people. And you especially love watching kids play!

You talk and giggle and are very vocal… Although your happiest screeching dimpling moments is when you are with Ethan. Daddy holds you as you race him around the house just giggling the entire time! Ethan is sometimes a bit rough with you, but you take most of it in stride without a problem.

We can’t wait to see how you will start to move soon and show even more of your personality quirks! What a joy you have brought to our family.

we love you little girl,

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